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What Have I Chosen?

Explore the value of innocence in the choices you make daily and what your past has to offer.

What Do I Mean?

Explore how meaning emerges from consciousness and your power to create meaning arbitrarily.

Singing Your "Self"

Explore the difference between thinking a thought and listening to a thought.

Some of the Consciousness Exercises you will receive:

Inner Reality

All things are merely concepts within our minds.

Ultimate Self

Intellectually approaching your ultimate self.

Universal Consciousness

A technique for gaining the experience of Universal Consciousness.

Selecting Your Personality

A strong technique for enhancing personality with positivity.

Self Awareness

A strange essay composed of sentient sentences.

Unearthing Emotion

A powerful technique for unearthing deep emotions.

Automatic Creativity

The true, automatic nature of creativity.

Subtle Mind

An extremely powerful technique for enhancing consciousness.

Being God

How do we deal with being jaded?


Changing handedness temporarily as an exercise in taking control.

Consenting Adult Game

A fun game for adults.

A visit from God

A short visit from God allows the sacredness of life to be appreciated.


"Now" is examined as a concept that is inconceivable.

Inner Witness

The difference between mind and the witness of it.

Sainthood, Step by Step

Starting along a path to perfection.

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